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Do Skonu - Hell LP



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LP on black vinyl w/ insert.
Do Skonu from the Ukraine return with their fourth and most promising Shamanistic black metal opus, entitled "Hell"!  Empowered by the raw nature and darkness of mankind, Varagian, the front man and sole propietor erects the elaborate portraits of his Carpathian journeys in musical form and takes you for a glimpse into his world of smokey fog and mystical rites that promise nothing but unadulturated black metal, from the oldest formulas transformed into this wicked entity known as Do Skonu! War stricken and unknown as to what atrocities lie between each day, escape into the shadows of this blackest entity!

Forever Plagued to release the LP & Cassette editions.  LP will come on black vinyl limited to 300 copies with 12x12"in insert and the cassette, limited to 150 copies, will come on red translucent cassette with Side B containing the only rare Alternative mix of the album.  To Be Announced later!