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Unbegotten - Proem Of The Unborn "demo" Cassette FPR012DS
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Unbegotten - Proem Of The Unborn "demo" Cassette



Black blessings are upon us again with the debut offering of UNBEGOTTEN entitled "Proem Of The Unborn. Spewed forth from the catacombs of Spain, an anonymous group of hateful energy explodes through our audio receptors as we try to take in the black metal there in.  FPR has seen yet again that not all individuals have lost the true ways of this art and UNBEGOTTEN are no exception!  Powered by darkness and raw obscurity, we present to you here  4 tracks & 1 intro of raw and uncompromising black metal that stands the test of time!  There is a coldness within the hateful riffs and raw sounds of UNBEGOTTEN that cannot be denied and should not be! being you are looking for real blackened hateful energy and not a waste of mockery within spacetime with true spiritual emptiness!

UNBEGGOTTEN "Proem Of The Unborn"  is their debut release and is presented in Cassette format only!  limited to 150 hand numbered copies. 


ToiletOvHell review

Infernal Masquerade 88/100