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Vyrolakos - Demo 2,000 Pro Cassette FPR011DS
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Vyrolakos - Demo 2,000 Pro Cassette



First and only official release of this rare underground recording!
For the first time officially outside of Menoth Saegros' defunct Eldritch Wizardry label is the release of Vyrolakos. Started in the deep underground, off the Island of Prince Edward Island. This was the first time and last time the band had a full line up other than a few live gigs in 94. This will not appeal to many, but it is a lost relic in the annals of black metal and FPR will see it materialized in a short run of physical copies on cassette. Which will include a rehearsal track that was meant to be apart of their "Dead Moon" full length but never came to fruition. All recorded in the early 2000,s when the band formed with their final line up.  Limited to 150 hand numbered copies.