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Darkest Grove - Pain And Suffering Shall Be Known CD FPR009
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Darkest Grove - Pain And Suffering Shall Be Known CD



This album is full of emotion and passion. Taking a mixture of influences musically from different styles of black metal from aggressive, to more depressive. Conceptually this is not a black metal album and like the demo is a journey through philosophy or nihilism. This album is a conceptual album about living or dying to live and dying, having absorbed all the negativity that one can possibly take. There is nothing fun about this album unless you are the type of person who gets off on contradicting philosophy, hence it being only one outlook of many as we may know from all the worlds cultures.



Infernal Masquerade  88/100

Voices From The Darkside (Germany)

Forbidden Webzine(USA)

Orthodox Black Metal (Greece)

Franang Zine (France) "DARKEST GROVE (USA) "Pain And Suffering Shall Be Known" CD'06. 10 tracks, 63 min. Forever Plagued. The label sent me this promo without any information, nor from cover. But after some search on the net, I happen to understand the band comes from Usa and is a one-man band project, with previously one demo tape. The 10 songs from this album are into atmospheric Metal some a strong dark groove. They could be labelled as B.M even though we're far from common release here as Darkest Grove is a kind of mix between Traumatic Voyage and Xasthur. The guitar work is pretty simple, but rudimentary drumming and hardly rudimentary guitar interludes. The lyrics are delivered through high-pitched vocals, but unfortunately there's no booklet here. Without being really neither original nor extraordinary, this realise reveals some worth parts.