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Do Skonu - Womb Of Primeval Darkness CD



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Do Skonu is a path in search for the wisdom of the occult, a ritualistic journey in depth of Slavonic mysteries and witchcraft. In your ears are hearing music, maybe familiar maybe not but this is something so much deeper to the artist. Through the power of chaos magic feelings and energy is invoked into the creation of the music. Black metal with meaning not just some egotistic ploy that desires some attention from the mundane. All lyrics and vocals are in old Russian but we have also added english translations for all other regions. Enter the dark world of ancient Slavic shamanism and black arts. Varagian; main writer & singer of Do Skonu states "I hope that for ordinary mortals my creation will carry the plague and death, but for the dark adept this is weapons and means of attainment of Darkness." Fans of Horna, Archgoat, Dodheimsgard may find "Do Skonu" of interest.
Infernal Masquerade 88/100
Apoch's Metal Review 7.5/10

Orthodox Black Metal Review

Voices From The Darkside