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Dodfodd - Demo10 CD



Once recognized by me as one of the most promising black metal bands to come out of the 2000's, since then ten years has passed by and this unknown demo 2010 release comes to us under the Dodfodd moniker.  Pretty much a completely different line up but with Emil on drums.  Sir N, of Grifteskymfning, which seems to be the sole writer of the music here which comes off more as a Grifteskymfning than Dodfodd, which to me was a very good Dodfodd influenced work of music regardless.  Either way I would recommend this for fans of Dodfodd or Grifteskymfning even if it isn't as good as the earlier work it is definitely some of the more promising black metal coming out these days, and if you haven't heard Grifteskymfning I would definitely recommend you do.