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Krieg - Blue Miasma Digi CD



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New remixed / remastered from original tapes.  Sounding the way it was supposed to.  Issued on this nice digipak design with original artwork from Midgaars of Lugubrum.  Words from the band....
I came to the decision to put Krieg to rest due to what can only be considered a series of bad decisions due to an overall nervous breakdown, a hole which took me years to emerge from. I have spent the time since trying to make amends, repair bridges, move forward as it were but I always had regrets as to how this record came out. The way the samples were blended in, the overall lack of power in the sound, the failure to use the proper cover. All of this was directly my responsibility and like anything in my life in 2005 I shit the bed and laid in it like an invalid. Earlier this year I came across the original version of the album, before I went into Orchard and submitted it for final release. It had a raw urgency to it that I knew was there but never was able to make public. Now for the first and final time I can present "Blue Miasma" as it should have sounded almost a decade ago.  
"written by Imperial regarding this edition of Blue Miasma"

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