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Necromantia - Nekromanteion Double CD SSR071
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Necromantia - Nekromanteion Double CD



Glorious compilation of the mighty Necromantia, that includes all their demos, promos, splits etc stemming back to the primal year of 1989.  If you have never heard their unique sound and elements of Necromancy upon the black / death metal world you definitely need to check this shit out.  They paved the paths for many bands that followed out of Greece and around the world.  Pure occult metal necromancy is what you will hear, down to the fine detail of their own primal rituals. Bring down the heavens and welcome the conquering of the dead over the living.  This is presented as a double CD with over 20 tracks of pure occult black/death metal in its purest form of primal chaos.  Included in the layout are all original photos from the early years including demo & promo tape covers nicely arranged.