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Necuratul - Sanguine Lupus Graves demo Cassette FPR005DS
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Necuratul - Sanguine Lupus Graves demo Cassette



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Pro Cassette w/ imprint ink on a black cassette limited to 300 handwritten copies
NECURATUL are an unknown project by Weird Wolf better known for his work in Prosanctus Inferi and Black Funeral. NECURATUL are a step back in time, giving praise to more old-school black metal with some Polish influences but by no means exclusive to that sound. High-quality riffs and songwriting are what you get with their Sanguine Lupus Graves, and a traditional style of black metal that doesn't bore you and isn't so incomprehensible. Sanguine Lupus Graves is NECURATUL's debut demo, and is being released on a pro-cassette edition limited to 300 handnumbered copies.  As all demos go, FOREVER PLAGUED RECORDS look forward to working with NECURATUL more in the future if they decide to keep creating their work.