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Orcultus - Black Rust pro Cassette FPR007DS
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Orcultus - Black Rust pro Cassette



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Raw Swedish black metal returns with this 7 song demo tape of the mighty ORCULTUS first introduced by Forever Plagued Records. Those who have not checked out the self titled 7" EP are missing out, IF you worship the old flame of evil that black metal once represented, that is. Complete with the spread of hatred, pestilence, death, destruction and abysmal torment, ORCULTUS wish nothing but great ill upon you and the rest of the world. Fans of Cornigr, Horna, Musta Surma, Katharsis, old Deathspell Omega, Incursus, Judas Iscariot will not be disappointed unfortunately for the rest, I'm sure, simply won't get it!  Limited to 200 tapes.

DestructiveMusic.com 8/10