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Taatsi - Amidst The Trees CD



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Out now is the debut CD of TAATSI, entitled   Amidst The Trees.  From their native country of Finland they present a more symphonic or atmospheric approach.  Influences by the olden ways and by the very nature of their enriched country, they have a very smooth sound that to me is also refreshing to hear since most bands that attempt this style always seem to lean a bit to much to the up beat approach.  TAATSI have a very mystical nature to their sound and can even come off with a dark vibe at times which is one of the reasons this writer enjoys their work so much and is very much proud to be representing them for you now.  Those who have missed out on their debut cassette will find that both are very necessary if you enjoyed either of the two.  We expect to hear more from these guys so if you haven't already checked them out I recommend you do.  Fans of  Strid, Manes, Summoning etc may find this to their liking!

FinnishbmTerrorism 5/5
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DestructiveMusic.com 9/10
DeadRhetoric.com 7.5/10
Metalstorm.net 7.5/10
NewNoiseMagazine.com 4/5