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Taatsi - Season Of Sacrifice demo Pro Cassette FPR009DS
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Taatsi - Season Of Sacrifice demo tape



Pro Cassette w/ silver imprint ink on a green cassette limited to 200 handwritten copies
Self-described as "Nature Mystical Black Metal," TAATSI hail from Finland, and instantly captivated FOREVER PLAGUED RECORDS with their melodic and catchy sound. Although a short two-song demo clocking in at a total of 9:20 minutes, Season of Sacrifice certainly presents a name for TAATSI. Anyone who worships Strid, or Manes will appreciate TAATSI's style: while it is hardly a duplicate, it certainly is a memorable listen. This being their debut demo, TAATSI's Season of Sacrifice is being presented on a professional cassette limited to 200 copies, hand-numbered and with the tape in green with silver print and a three-panel J-card.

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